Poster programme

P1. Search for heavy neutral lepton decays at NA62 experiment at CERN
Lorenza Iacobuzio, University of Birmingham, UK

P2. Probing the light quark Yukawa couplings through rare exclusive Higgs boson decays
Govindraj Singh Virdee, University of Birmingham, UK

P3. IceCube DOM beamtest at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility (FTBF)
Shivesh Mandalia, Queen Mary University of London, UK

P4. Supernova burst observations with DUNE
Jost Migenda, University of Sheffield, UK

P5. Commissioning of a Laser Calibration System for SNO+
Esther Turner, University of Oxford, UK

P6. Monte carlo modelling of an optical calibration system for the Hyper-Kamiokande experiment
William Vinning, University of Warwick, UK

P7. Monitoring long-term performance of the Hyper-Kamiokande optical calibration system
Sam Jenkins, University of Sheffield, UK

P8. Measurement of the K+ -> pi+ gamma gamma decay at NA62
Maria Brigida Brunetti, University of Birmingham, UK

P9. Diffuser Research and Development for Optical Calibration Systems in Hyper-K
Sammy Valder, University of Warwick, UK

P10. The reconstruction and identification of electrons
Alix Fell, University of Sheffield, UK

P11. Cosmic muon induced neutrons in SNO+
Billy Liggins, Queen Mary University of London, UK

P12. Development of SF6 for use in a low pressure time projection chamber for dark matter detection applications
Callum Eldridge, University of Sheffield, UK

P13. Analysis with the ProtoDUNE single phase detector
Joshua Thompson, University of Sheffield, UK

P14. Prospects for Higgs measurements in the diphoton channel with the CMS experiment at the HL-LHC
Edward Scott, Imperial College London, UK

P15. Mirror Dark Matter Searches with LUX Electron Recoil Data
Elizabeth Leason, University of Edinburgh, UK

P16. Studying the Effect of Polarisation in Compton Scattering in the Undergraduate Laboratory
Patrick Knights, University of Birmingham, UK 

P17. Simulations of gamma-ray background from rock for dark matter experiments
Andrew Naylor, University of Sheffield, UK

P18. Innovation and non-proliferation - Particle physics for nuclear threat reduction
Elisabeth Kneale, University of Sheffield, UK

P19. Adversarially trained neural network jet classifiers with ATLAS
Andreas Sogaard, University of Edinburgh, UK

P20. Higgs-to-Invisible Searches for the CMS experiment at the LHC
Riccardo Di Maria, Imperial College London, UK

P21. Bayesian optimisation of the SHiP muon shield
Oliver Lantwin, Imperial College London, UK

P22. The upgraded silicon detector characterisation facility of the University of Sheffield
Evangelos Kourlitis, University of Sheffield, UK

P23. X-PIPELINE: Gravitational-Wave Burst search applied to LIGO data
Elena Massera, University of Sheffield, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline {EXTENDED}:
    31 January 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    15 March 2018